Kamis, 11 Agustus 2016

It's me!!

Hello!! How are you, guys? Hope you all in a good condition :)
First, maybe this is gonna be weird because I never wrote a blog before and I'm an Indonesian. So, hope you can forgive all of my mistakes. Bye the way, I write this post in my school's computer lab and I'm so excited for this ^^

this is my school with its motto ^^
In this time, I will introduce myself to you ...
My name is Luthfiyah Damayanti, but you can call me ''upi'' because "luthfiyah" is too long for a nickname. I was born in Bandung, Indonesia, on 7th of June, 2001. So, I am 15 years old now. This year, I continue my study in SMAN 3 Bandung. You can see my school if you visit Bandung someday. The building is so good!

Even I was born in Bandung, I lived in Cimahi until now. I moved to Cimahi since I was 4 or 5 years old. Cimahi is not really far from Bandung. It's so near if you see that on a map.

I also study in Cimahi until junior high school. But when I finished my study in junior high school, I decided to choose SMAN 3 Bandung, not a high school in Cimahi. Maybe .. some of you is wondering why I choose SMAN 3 Bandung .. and the answer is ... I want to try something new, I want to learn more and more,  I want to make friends with new people here, and I want to fix myself to be better.

It's sad to leave my friends in Cimahi.. but.. I think its fine and we can still be friends even we are separated with distance.

I have a lot of hobbies. They are listening to music, travelling, watching movie and anime, reading novels and comics, eating, running, drawing, photography, learning guitar or keyboard ( eventhough I can't play it well lol ), and many others. I really want to be able to play guitar or piano well because I love music very much. I like One Direction, 5SOS, Owl City, Coldplay, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Depapepe, and many more. I think music is like my escape when I started getting dizzy or stress with the real life :)

Next, I'm gonna tell you about my family. Start with my father. My father is a soldier and he is very discipline. But... he also kindhearted and humorous. So... don't be scared with him!! He works at KODAM in Jakarta, Indonesia. I know... I can't always see my father at home. But... distance is not a problem!

Umm ..my mother? She is not the best mom, but she is the best for me. ( I know it sounds excessive hahah ) My mom is kindhearted, nice, friendly... and... over protective :')

And the last ... my brother. He is six years older than me. He studies in UNDIP. UNDIP is one of university in Indonesia. Its located in Semarang, Jawa Tengah. And ... yup! Like my father, my brother also can't be in Cimahi everytime. He usually visits us every six month. And .. to be honest, I'm so sad because of that.

one of my brother's toy-photograph

Even my brother is annoying, I love him very much. He is like my bestfriend already. He is so fun, and  unique. We often watch movies together at home or  watch an action movie in cinema. Oh! He is a toy-photographer. I don't know why but I think he is crazy about figure of anime and some stuff like that .. and it makes him weird (hahahaha sorry brother). You can visit him on his instagram.

Well, It's enough for now. Because .. I think it will gonna be endless if I tell you about my-whole-life. Thanks for reading! See ya~~


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