Sabtu, 29 April 2017


When I heard 'Paman Gober' for the first time, I don't know what is it and I immediately thought on two pictures above. Because some of my classmates often talk about 'Paman Gober', I became curious and then I asked my friends... and... when they told me about what is it means, I feel like a fool! lol!

So, 'Paman Gober' is an acronym of 'Penanaman dan Gowes Bersama' and it is one of the event that held by student council of SMAN 3 Bandung for 10th grade and 11th grade on Saturday, 8th April 2017. If we translated it to English, Paman Gober can interpreted as an activity of planting and biking together. Get it?

In this event, we need to brought our own bike. But, if we don't have it or we can't bring it, we can borrow the bike that already prepared by the committee. I didn't really believe it at first, I think its impossible our school can get the bike for us. BUT... when I came that day... I feel like I was in a bike store! Bike everywhere!

taken by Dika ( I don't know why he still at school until night )

I was so excited to explore Bandung with bike for the first time and I personally like to biking so I didn't feel too much difficulty when I did it. After a long bike ride, we stopped for taking a break and planting some plant. Not all of us doing the planting, only the class representative who did this and guess what! My friends appointed me and Raissa for this. I had no idea what was going on! lol. Sadly, when Raissa and I join the planting activity, no one plant left for us. So... we back to our classmates without doing something! :'))

Well, to be honest, I don't know the route exactly, because I'm not living in Bandung. But, as long as I can remember, the biking route is far enough. It proved because I felt so many pain on my body the day after doing this activity. Overall, I really enjoy this event because it refresh my mind for a while after studying everyday at school.

source: ig: @osissman3bdg

Rabu, 29 Maret 2017


Hello, everyone! I'm back! Today I wanna tell you about ... DEWA ATHENA!!


First of all, I want to tell you that this is NOT a worship day of Athena (goddess of wisdom in Greek religion and mythology). Dewa Athena here refers to an event in SMAN 3 Bandung. This event is a days with full of sport competitions or we can call it as 'PORAK' or 'Pekan Olahraga' in Bahasa.

Dewa Athena held in several different days each grades ( 3'2019 and 3'2018 has a different days competition). Our senior, 3'2018 held the event on 23rd until 24th of March, 2017, earlier than 3'2019 which plays in the competition on 25th of March and 1st of April 2017. Later, 3'2019 will competes with our senior on 8th of April 2017.

My friends and I just did our first day of Dewa Athena last Saturday. At the time, we need to gather in Lapangan Bali at 07.00 a.m. But, the committee opened the event a lil bit late. Dewa Athena is full of sport competitions, such as badminton, basketball, relay race, soccer, dodge ball, 'gobak sodor', and tug of war (or also known as tarik tambang).

My class almost joined all the competitions last Saturday. But, we haven't joined gobak sodor competition and dodge ball for boys.  Ah ya .. I forgot something ... before Dewa Athena held, we must make our own jersey each class, and so do my class, Our jersey is black and white with the class's logo on the left-chest-side.

Here's my friends : Beta, Yumna, Diva, Welya, Raissa, and I wearing our class's jersey

Every class have a 'guide' to direct us what should we do at that day. The guide also checking our class's attendance in the morning and at noon. My class's guide is Zahrina or usually called 'Ain' from x science 4.

Our first competition is badminton.

This sport played by 2 teams and every teams has 2 person who play the game. So, the badminton's competition played as double. I join the competition, representing my class. Actually, the girl who appointed to play is Dila and Mia, not me. But, because some reason, I switched with Mia. To be honest, I'm a little bit doubt to replace Mia but however I did it. We competed with x science 1; Shafira and Afina and we lost. Its kinda embarrassing but it was fun enough. I feel so sorry because I was disappointed my classmates. Sorry guys lol.

The boy also play badminton but not in the morning, they played in the afternoon, around 03.45 p.m. And sadly, their team also lost.

Next competition is basketball.

This competition was played by the boys. The girls didn't play this game at all (except one girl from x social but I don't know her name). It is my favorite competition because my class win 20-6 from x science 3. I'm so proud of you, guys! Hopefully we can win until the final match.

Next, relay race

From my class, Dika, Hilmy, Beta, and Mia joined this competition. Sadly, they didn't win this. Dika as the first runner said that he failed to do the 'start' well so maybe that's the reason why we didn't win. But, I think it's okay to be lose no matter what the reason as long as we were having fun.

Next, soccer.

Soccer played by 5 person each teams and I join the game on second round. But, the girls from my class didn't play it well (including me :') ) and we lost from x science 7. The boys also lost at this game from x science 9.

Next, tug of war.

My class sent 10 person ( 5 boys and 5 girls) including me. I really like to play tug of war when I'm in elementary school ... but, in this time, I hate it because it was so hard. My class's team failed to win this competition.

After the first round of this competition, Fadhlan got injury and he looks so hurted. He was helped by my friends and 'PMR' senior.

Next, dodgeball.

I joined this competition with Fina, Beta, Arif, and Diva. We competed with x science 1. And sadly ... we lost. The boys from my class haven't play this competition. They will play on next Saturday. Hopefully they can win!

Last, volley ball.

From our class, we sent 6 person ( 3 girls: Raissa, Yumna, and Mia, 3 boys: Vian, Galih-switched with Andika in second round- and Rubben). The game seems so hard to play... and our team lost again in this one.

Actually, it's so sad to know that my class only win at basketball competition and lost at the others. But, like I said before, I think it's okay to be lose as long as we are having fun. ^^

That's all from me. Have a great day!

Selasa, 28 Februari 2017

Learning from Nature

Nature have some different meanings for each human. Nature can be means as the place where we live or anything natural that we could find in this world. But, overall, as a human, nature obviously have an important values inside it. We can’t live without nature because of its importance. For example, nature give us anything we need in life like fresh air, water, food, and anything else. From nature, we also can learn many things. And now, I want to tell you and make you realize that not only teachers of our parents who taught us but also nature.

First of all, I want to tell you what can we learn from objects in nature. We all know that so many objects in nature, right? Start from the sun, the moon and stars that we can found at night, the mountains, rivers, plants, animals, and many more. Maybe some of us never thought or realized that the objects have something to learn for our life. We usually only see the nature but not ever think about the values of  it.

For a simple examples, the sun and the plants. We see the sun and plants everyday, right? But do you ever realize the importance of them?

The sun that always shine bright everyday shows us to be optimistic and have a lot of hopes when we go through the life. The sun also very useful in life. The sun help the plants to do the photosynthesis, help the fisherman to dry the salted fish, dry the clothes, and many more. Its show us that we need to be useful for others and not being individualistic.

Next, the plants. They also important in our life. We can breath freely because the trees around us provide the oxygen. The plants also give us foods, give the animals place to stay, and they also keep the water on its roots.

Can you imagine a world without the sun or plants? It would be very bad and hard for us if we live without them. Without the sun, this world will be dark and we can’t do any activities easily. Without plants, we maybe will die because no oxygen we can breathe. The worst, this world will be destroyed.

Because of it importance, we have to protect and take care the nature. We should take care the nature with our loves because the nature already give us so many important things that makes us can live . But in fact, so many people didn’t realize the importance of the nature and they even harm the nature. Some people are not responsible of what they did. Some people cut down the trees in the forest and make a buildings on it. They maybe didn’t realize what danger will came in the future. So, as a human that have a heart and responsibility, we have to take care the nature. We can do the simple thing like put the trash on the trashcan and use the paper sparingly.

If not us who take care the nature, who will? And if not now we start it, when?

Senin, 27 Februari 2017


Hello, everyone! I'm back! And now I don't wanna tell you a story or something like that. But, I will invite you to ..... JOIN A CROSSWORD GAME! Yeayyy *party*

You know crossword game, right? For you who don't know it, I will tell you then. Crossword is a word-puzzle-game and normally takes the form of a square grid  with white and black squares inside. The goal is to fill the white squares with letters, forming words or phrases, by solving the clues which lead to the answer.

Well, my friend, Dila, and I already made a crossword last week and now, I want to share it to you guys! Hope you enjoy this and .. GOOD LUCK!

Here's the clues!

2. The other name for bird.
3. The mammals and have trunk.
6. The synonym of measure.
10. You win or you?
11.  Painting and drawing are included.
12. The antonym of lazy.
15. 3,5,7,9,11,…
17. Long neck.
19. The taste of HCl.
21. Usually put on the bread.
23. Back.
24. Brown and dirty when flood.
25. Always together with the floem.
27. Exit.

1. A gathering
4. The antonym of die.
5.  … the water into the bowl.
7. The first name of the North Korea’s president.
8. You use this to write.
9. Place for wash your car.
13. A boy game.
14. From head to …
16. A musical instrument.
18. Tiger usually ….
20. Red and expensive  stone.
22. The carnivores eat …
26. Thing for sleep.

Rabu, 01 Februari 2017

Just A Thank You :)

Do you ever feel so thankful and indebted to someone? 

Well, everyone surely ever felt it. For simple example, every kids in this world must be so thankful and indebted to her/his parents because they are already took care of us since we were born. And then, a student must be thankful and indebted to their teacher who always teach them so many lesson. Many people are indebted to several people and it is normal because we are social beings who need each other, isn't it?

Nah, this time, I want to share my story about people who I indebted. I will not tell you about my parents, my family, or my teacher because I assumed it's a normal thing :)

First, I want to thank my classmates, Yumna Kamila and Nurrahmi Fadila who already helped me doing chemistry task yesterday. I feel so helped by them.

And next, I want give a special thanks to my chairmate, Nurrahmi Fadila who always helped me in class; thanks for helping me to understand the lesson I didn't understand, lending me your stationary, and helping me to see what was in the whiteboard because I lost my glasses and Dila always help me to explain the writing that I can't read. Thank you, Dila!!

Well, I lost my glasses when I was in school on Sunday. I was attend my extracurricular (SSR) gathering when its lost. I just realized that my glasses lost after I finish my lunch. I can't find it anywhere and I'm a lil bit panic at the time. I just can hope my glasses can be found asap because my vision is kinda blur :')

That's all for this time, 
Have a great day as always, everyone!

Selasa, 17 Januari 2017


Hello, everybody! I don't realize that I was being inactive for one year! *actually its only 2 But, now is 2017 already!! So, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (this is late I know). May this year brings all of kindness and happiness. Aamiin ...

This time, I want to tell you about my latest holiday. Sadly, I have to tell you that this holiday is not really special because I didn't go anywhere-except Bandung and my cousin's house.  But, I really enjoyed this holiday for relaxing my mind and my body after struggling with exams, homeworks, and everything that makes me tired.

My holiday started on 24th December, 2016-one day after I got my first-semester-report. The holiday was only two weeks, so its ended on 8th January, 2017.

On 23rd December, 2016, after my brother helped me to take the report, he asked me to go to the cinema and I agreed it. We watched "Rogue one: a Star WarsStory" in Ciwalk. Before watching the movie, we called our mother to join us. Actually, watch a sci-fi or action movie in cinema is not a new thing for us. We often do that when my brother already come back from his university.

the movie's poster

On 24th December, my parents and I visited my cousin's house in Cirebon. There, we were talking a lot and having lunch together. But, we didn't stay overnight because my father still have to work tomorrow.

The next day, I only stay at home all day all night. I just ate,slept, watched movie, and listened to music. It was very boring. So, I played my guitar sometimes even I can't play it well. Beside that, I also made a new blog on tu*** for killing time and for having fun. But, I don't want to share the blog  for my privacy  hehehe. There,I only posted a random thing, such as; my thought, song lyrics, quotes of some movie, etc.

On 28th December, I visited my cousins in Lampung. My  family used a bus to go there. The moment I like the most is when I was on the way. I know it sounds weird. But I really enjoy everything, the trees along the way, the hills, the clouds, and everything. I also really like when we were on the ship. Well, have you ever feel a sea breeze? If you haven't, you have to try it. It's really fresh!

Well, the trip took 15 hours on the way. Its a long time, I know. We usually only need 12 hours. But, bc Cisomng bridge was cracked, we need to use the public road (not the highway).  It made us often stuck on the traffic and took a longer time.

In Lampung, I met my big family who lives there; my cousins, my uncle, my aunt, and my granfather. I really miss my grandpa tbh :). We stayed in lampung for 3 days. On 31st December, we went back home. We used the plane this time, not a bus. Fyi, it was my first flight! Its so embrassing I know. I felt a little bit scare at first, but the next happened was I do enjoy the flight. I love when I can see the cloud beside the window. I love the view from the plane, everything seems so small! Its like that I just saw a big map below me.

After arrived at my house, I took a break. I can't sleep until midnight. So, I just read a story in wattpad. But, after a long time reading the stories,my eyes still not tired. And at 00.00 p.m, I heard the fireworks and trumpets. Maybe a lot of people love it. They happily celebrate the new year's eve with it,but not for me. I really don't like the fireworks sounds. Its so annoyed me and made my ear sick.

After 1st January, I did everything I want at home. Fyi, 1st January is my father's birthday, so Happy Birthday, Dad!! I love you ;)

On Wednesday, I went to the dentist for checking my teeth. And from there, I found that I got a teeth problem and I need to come back to the dentist next week. I just can hope that I'll be fine.

On the last day of holiday, I can't sleep early. So, I read wattpad as usual for making my eyes tired. Finally I slept at 10.00 p.m. and my holiday officially over. See ya next time, Holiday!! I'll miss you so bad ;')

That's all from me, thanks for reading!
-lot of loves

Kamis, 03 November 2016

King Midas and The Golden Touch

   Many years ago, there lived a king named Midas in  Phrygia, a region nowadays part of Turkey. He had one little daughter whose name was Marigold. King Midas was very, very rich. It was said that he had more gold than any other king in the world. At last, the King grew so fond of his gold that he loved it better than anything else in all the world.

   One day while he was in his gold room counting his money, a beautiful fairy boy stood before him. The boy's face shone with a wonderful light and he had wings on his cap and wings on his feet. In his hand, he carried a strange-looking wand and the wand also had wings.

   "Midas, you are the richest man in the world," said the fairy. "There is no King who has so much gold as you."

   "That may be," said the King. "As you see, I have this room full of gold, but I should like much more; for gold is the best and the most wonderful thing in the world."

"Are you sure?" asked the fairy.
"I am very sure." answered the King.
"If I should grant you one wish,'' said fairy, "would you ask for more gold?"

"If I could have only one wish," said the king, "I would ask that everything I touch turn to beautiful yellow gold."

   "Your wish shall be granted," said the fairy. "At sunrise tomorrow morning, your slightest touch will turn everything into gold. But I warn you that your gift will not make you happy."

  "I will take the risk," said the King.

   The next day, King Midas awoke very early. He was eager to see if the fairy's promise had come true. As soon as the sun arose, he tried the gift by touching the bed lightly with his hand. The bed turned to gold. He touched the chair and table. Upon the instant, they were turned to solid gold. The King was wild with joy. He ran around the room, touching everything he could see. His magic gift turned all to shining, yellow gold.

   The King soon felt hungry and went down to eat his breakfast. Now, a strange thing happened. When he raised a glass of clear water to drink, it became solid gold. The bread turned to gold under his fingers. The meat was hard, and yellow, and shiny. Not a thing could he get to eat. All was gold, gold, and gold.

   Suddenly, his little daughter come running in from the garden. "Dad!" The little girl ran to the king. King Midas trying not to touch his daughter, but Marigold holding the hand of his father. At once, the little girl was changed to a golden statue.

    A great fear crept into the King's heart, sweeping all the joy out of his life. In his grief, he called and called upon the fairy who had given him the gift of the golden touch.

   "O fairy," he begged, "take away this horrible golden gift! Take all my lands. Take all my gold. Take everything. Only give me back my little daughter.

   In a moment, the beautiful fairy was standing before him.

"Do you still think that gold is the greatest thing in the world?" asked the fairy.
"No! no!" cried the King. "I hate the very sight of yellow stuff."
"Are you sure that you no longer wish the golden touch?" asked the fairy.
"I have learned my lesson," said the King."I no longer think gold the greates thing in the world."
"Very well," said the fairy, "take this pitcher to the spring in the garden and fill it with water. Then sprinkle those things which you have touched and turned to gold."

   The King took the pitcher and rushed to the spring. Running back he first sprinkled the head of his dear little girl. Instantly, he became his own darling Marigold again and gave him a kiss.

    The King sprinkled the golden food, and to his great joy it turned back to real bread and real butter. Then he and his little daughter sat down to breakfast. How good the cold water tasted! How eagerly the hungry King ate the bread and butter, the meat, and all the food!

   The King hated his golden touch so much that he sprinkled even the chairs and the tables and everything else that the fairy's gift had turned to gold.

The end

1.  In his grief, he called and called upon the fairy ....
     What does the red word means?
    A. Deep sorrow
    B. Joy
    C. Deep warth
    D. Darkness
    E. Compassion

2. Which one is not the moral of this story?
    A. Don't be greedy
    B. We have to love our family
    C. We have to be grateful for what we have
    D. We have to thank God
    E. We should seek as much wealt\h as possible

3. How does the sory end?
   A. The King live happily ever after with the folk
   B. The King and his family share the gold with public
   C. The King dead burried golds.
   D. The King wake up and realize that it was just a dream
   E. The King regreting his wish

4. What wish the King asked to the fairy?
  A. He requested a sacks of gold
  B. He asked the fairy to build a palace of gold
  C. He wanted everything he touch turn into beautiful gold
  D. He asked the fairy to make the most expensieve crown
  E. He requested an happy life with the public

5. What does the King do to turn back his lovely daughter?
  A. He cried all the time so the tears return his daughter
  B. He sprinkled the water from the pitcher
  C. The fairy give the daughter a spell
  D. He kiss his daughter's forehead
  E. He makes a potion for his daughter