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King Midas and The Golden Touch

   Many years ago, there lived a king named Midas in  Phrygia, a region nowadays part of Turkey. He had one little daughter whose name was Marigold. King Midas was very, very rich. It was said that he had more gold than any other king in the world. At last, the King grew so fond of his gold that he loved it better than anything else in all the world.

   One day while he was in his gold room counting his money, a beautiful fairy boy stood before him. The boy's face shone with a wonderful light and he had wings on his cap and wings on his feet. In his hand, he carried a strange-looking wand and the wand also had wings.

   "Midas, you are the richest man in the world," said the fairy. "There is no King who has so much gold as you."

   "That may be," said the King. "As you see, I have this room full of gold, but I should like much more; for gold is the best and the most wonderful thing in the world."

"Are you sure?" asked the fairy.
"I am very sure." answered the King.
"If I should grant you one wish,'' said fairy, "would you ask for more gold?"

"If I could have only one wish," said the king, "I would ask that everything I touch turn to beautiful yellow gold."

   "Your wish shall be granted," said the fairy. "At sunrise tomorrow morning, your slightest touch will turn everything into gold. But I warn you that your gift will not make you happy."

  "I will take the risk," said the King.

   The next day, King Midas awoke very early. He was eager to see if the fairy's promise had come true. As soon as the sun arose, he tried the gift by touching the bed lightly with his hand. The bed turned to gold. He touched the chair and table. Upon the instant, they were turned to solid gold. The King was wild with joy. He ran around the room, touching everything he could see. His magic gift turned all to shining, yellow gold.

   The King soon felt hungry and went down to eat his breakfast. Now, a strange thing happened. When he raised a glass of clear water to drink, it became solid gold. The bread turned to gold under his fingers. The meat was hard, and yellow, and shiny. Not a thing could he get to eat. All was gold, gold, and gold.

   Suddenly, his little daughter come running in from the garden. "Dad!" The little girl ran to the king. King Midas trying not to touch his daughter, but Marigold holding the hand of his father. At once, the little girl was changed to a golden statue.

    A great fear crept into the King's heart, sweeping all the joy out of his life. In his grief, he called and called upon the fairy who had given him the gift of the golden touch.

   "O fairy," he begged, "take away this horrible golden gift! Take all my lands. Take all my gold. Take everything. Only give me back my little daughter.

   In a moment, the beautiful fairy was standing before him.

"Do you still think that gold is the greatest thing in the world?" asked the fairy.
"No! no!" cried the King. "I hate the very sight of yellow stuff."
"Are you sure that you no longer wish the golden touch?" asked the fairy.
"I have learned my lesson," said the King."I no longer think gold the greates thing in the world."
"Very well," said the fairy, "take this pitcher to the spring in the garden and fill it with water. Then sprinkle those things which you have touched and turned to gold."

   The King took the pitcher and rushed to the spring. Running back he first sprinkled the head of his dear little girl. Instantly, he became his own darling Marigold again and gave him a kiss.

    The King sprinkled the golden food, and to his great joy it turned back to real bread and real butter. Then he and his little daughter sat down to breakfast. How good the cold water tasted! How eagerly the hungry King ate the bread and butter, the meat, and all the food!

   The King hated his golden touch so much that he sprinkled even the chairs and the tables and everything else that the fairy's gift had turned to gold.

The end

1.  In his grief, he called and called upon the fairy ....
     What does the red word means?
    A. Deep sorrow
    B. Joy
    C. Deep warth
    D. Darkness
    E. Compassion

2. Which one is not the moral of this story?
    A. Don't be greedy
    B. We have to love our family
    C. We have to be grateful for what we have
    D. We have to thank God
    E. We should seek as much wealt\h as possible

3. How does the sory end?
   A. The King live happily ever after with the folk
   B. The King and his family share the gold with public
   C. The King dead burried golds.
   D. The King wake up and realize that it was just a dream
   E. The King regreting his wish

4. What wish the King asked to the fairy?
  A. He requested a sacks of gold
  B. He asked the fairy to build a palace of gold
  C. He wanted everything he touch turn into beautiful gold
  D. He asked the fairy to make the most expensieve crown
  E. He requested an happy life with the public

5. What does the King do to turn back his lovely daughter?
  A. He cried all the time so the tears return his daughter
  B. He sprinkled the water from the pitcher
  C. The fairy give the daughter a spell
  D. He kiss his daughter's forehead
  E. He makes a potion for his daughter


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