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The Silent Killer!

Hi everybody!! Today, I'm going to tell you about owl!! Yeayy~~

As we know, owl is a nocturnal bird or active-at-night-bird. But, do you know about their classification? If you don't know, I'm here for help ^^

Owl Classification
Kingdom : Animalia
Phylum : Chordata
Class : Aves
Clade : Afroaves
Order : Strigiformes
Family : Strigidae, Tytonidae
Species : around 200 species

Next. I will tell you about their appearance. Start from owl's face. Owl has round and flat face. They have the feathers on their head that form a particular pattern. Sometimes, the feathers make their face look creepy.

Owl has large and facing forward eyes, not like most the other bird species who have eyes that turned to the side. With their eyes, owl can see very well even in the dark. But, they can't see anything right near them (myopia).

One of owl's special thing is their neck. They can rotate their neck as much as 270 degrees. Owl has fourteen neck vertebrae compared to seven in humans, which makes their neck more flexible.
An owl rotates its neck

Males and females owl are generally similar, but the female is often bigger than the male.

male and female owl

The smallest owl in the world is the Least Pygmy Owl (Glaucidium minutissimum). Pygmy owl is only 12 cm tall. The biggest owl in the world is Eurasian Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo) at up to 71 cm tall.

pygmy owl
Eurasian Eagle Owl

Owls habitat is in the forest and usually they stay at the branches that rather high. Beside forest, they also can life in grass land, frozen tundra, savanna, or dessert.

Same with other birds, they breed by laying eggs. The incubation is about 30 days before the eggs will begin to hatch. The male and female will take turns watching their eggs in the nest and bringing food. Owl can live until 13 years in the wild and 38 years in captivity.

Owl has a unique behavior. They often freeze and doesn't move too much. Usually, they only sleeping during the day under the leaves and active only at night. But, somehow, several types of owl active during the twilight hours of dawn and dusk. They usually hunt small mammals (like mouse), insects, and a few species specialize in hunting fish.

Owl known as The Silent Killer. The reasons are Owl can reduce their wing's sound when they are flying and they can camouflage with their feathers. So, they can surprise their prey. They also have sharp claws and beak that makes an Owl is a good killer.


1. Why owl can rotate their neck until 270 degrees?
   A. They have fewer neck vertebrae
   B. They have more neck vertebrae than a human
   C. They have stiff neck vertebrae
   D. They are trained from childhood
   E. They have fragile neck vertebrae

2. What makes owl's eyes different from the other bird?
  A. It is yellow eyes
  B. It is a facing forward eyes
  C. It is large
  D. It can see anything near them clearly
  E. It can see anything far clearly

3. How long can owl live in the wild?
 A. 10 years
 B. 38 years
 C. 5 years
 D. 8 years
 E. 13 years

4. Why owl known as the silent killer?

 A. Owl can reduce their wing's sound
 B. Owl has sharp claws
 C. Owl has sharp beak like an eagle
 D. Owl can eat their prey so fast
 E. Owl can disappear

5. What is the smallest owl in the world?
 A. Eurasian Owl
 B. Rinjani Scops Owl
 C. Mini Scops Owl
 D. Pygmy owl
 E. Bubo bubo

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