Selasa, 28 Februari 2017

Learning from Nature

Nature have some different meanings for each human. Nature can be means as the place where we live or anything natural that we could find in this world. But, overall, as a human, nature obviously have an important values inside it. We can’t live without nature because of its importance. For example, nature give us anything we need in life like fresh air, water, food, and anything else. From nature, we also can learn many things. And now, I want to tell you and make you realize that not only teachers of our parents who taught us but also nature.

First of all, I want to tell you what can we learn from objects in nature. We all know that so many objects in nature, right? Start from the sun, the moon and stars that we can found at night, the mountains, rivers, plants, animals, and many more. Maybe some of us never thought or realized that the objects have something to learn for our life. We usually only see the nature but not ever think about the values of  it.

For a simple examples, the sun and the plants. We see the sun and plants everyday, right? But do you ever realize the importance of them?

The sun that always shine bright everyday shows us to be optimistic and have a lot of hopes when we go through the life. The sun also very useful in life. The sun help the plants to do the photosynthesis, help the fisherman to dry the salted fish, dry the clothes, and many more. Its show us that we need to be useful for others and not being individualistic.

Next, the plants. They also important in our life. We can breath freely because the trees around us provide the oxygen. The plants also give us foods, give the animals place to stay, and they also keep the water on its roots.

Can you imagine a world without the sun or plants? It would be very bad and hard for us if we live without them. Without the sun, this world will be dark and we can’t do any activities easily. Without plants, we maybe will die because no oxygen we can breathe. The worst, this world will be destroyed.

Because of it importance, we have to protect and take care the nature. We should take care the nature with our loves because the nature already give us so many important things that makes us can live . But in fact, so many people didn’t realize the importance of the nature and they even harm the nature. Some people are not responsible of what they did. Some people cut down the trees in the forest and make a buildings on it. They maybe didn’t realize what danger will came in the future. So, as a human that have a heart and responsibility, we have to take care the nature. We can do the simple thing like put the trash on the trashcan and use the paper sparingly.

If not us who take care the nature, who will? And if not now we start it, when?

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