Rabu, 01 Februari 2017

Just A Thank You :)

Do you ever feel so thankful and indebted to someone? 

Well, everyone surely ever felt it. For simple example, every kids in this world must be so thankful and indebted to her/his parents because they are already took care of us since we were born. And then, a student must be thankful and indebted to their teacher who always teach them so many lesson. Many people are indebted to several people and it is normal because we are social beings who need each other, isn't it?

Nah, this time, I want to share my story about people who I indebted. I will not tell you about my parents, my family, or my teacher because I assumed it's a normal thing :)

First, I want to thank my classmates, Yumna Kamila and Nurrahmi Fadila who already helped me doing chemistry task yesterday. I feel so helped by them.

And next, I want give a special thanks to my chairmate, Nurrahmi Fadila who always helped me in class; thanks for helping me to understand the lesson I didn't understand, lending me your stationary, and helping me to see what was in the whiteboard because I lost my glasses and Dila always help me to explain the writing that I can't read. Thank you, Dila!!

Well, I lost my glasses when I was in school on Sunday. I was attend my extracurricular (SSR) gathering when its lost. I just realized that my glasses lost after I finish my lunch. I can't find it anywhere and I'm a lil bit panic at the time. I just can hope my glasses can be found asap because my vision is kinda blur :')

That's all for this time, 
Have a great day as always, everyone!

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