Senin, 27 Februari 2017


Hello, everyone! I'm back! And now I don't wanna tell you a story or something like that. But, I will invite you to ..... JOIN A CROSSWORD GAME! Yeayyy *party*

You know crossword game, right? For you who don't know it, I will tell you then. Crossword is a word-puzzle-game and normally takes the form of a square grid  with white and black squares inside. The goal is to fill the white squares with letters, forming words or phrases, by solving the clues which lead to the answer.

Well, my friend, Dila, and I already made a crossword last week and now, I want to share it to you guys! Hope you enjoy this and .. GOOD LUCK!

Here's the clues!

2. The other name for bird.
3. The mammals and have trunk.
6. The synonym of measure.
10. You win or you?
11.  Painting and drawing are included.
12. The antonym of lazy.
15. 3,5,7,9,11,…
17. Long neck.
19. The taste of HCl.
21. Usually put on the bread.
23. Back.
24. Brown and dirty when flood.
25. Always together with the floem.
27. Exit.

1. A gathering
4. The antonym of die.
5.  … the water into the bowl.
7. The first name of the North Korea’s president.
8. You use this to write.
9. Place for wash your car.
13. A boy game.
14. From head to …
16. A musical instrument.
18. Tiger usually ….
20. Red and expensive  stone.
22. The carnivores eat …
26. Thing for sleep.

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