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Hello, everyone! I'm back! Today I wanna tell you about ... DEWA ATHENA!!


First of all, I want to tell you that this is NOT a worship day of Athena (goddess of wisdom in Greek religion and mythology). Dewa Athena here refers to an event in SMAN 3 Bandung. This event is a days with full of sport competitions or we can call it as 'PORAK' or 'Pekan Olahraga' in Bahasa.

Dewa Athena held in several different days each grades ( 3'2019 and 3'2018 has a different days competition). Our senior, 3'2018 held the event on 23rd until 24th of March, 2017, earlier than 3'2019 which plays in the competition on 25th of March and 1st of April 2017. Later, 3'2019 will competes with our senior on 8th of April 2017.

My friends and I just did our first day of Dewa Athena last Saturday. At the time, we need to gather in Lapangan Bali at 07.00 a.m. But, the committee opened the event a lil bit late. Dewa Athena is full of sport competitions, such as badminton, basketball, relay race, soccer, dodge ball, 'gobak sodor', and tug of war (or also known as tarik tambang).

My class almost joined all the competitions last Saturday. But, we haven't joined gobak sodor competition and dodge ball for boys.  Ah ya .. I forgot something ... before Dewa Athena held, we must make our own jersey each class, and so do my class, Our jersey is black and white with the class's logo on the left-chest-side.

Here's my friends : Beta, Yumna, Diva, Welya, Raissa, and I wearing our class's jersey

Every class have a 'guide' to direct us what should we do at that day. The guide also checking our class's attendance in the morning and at noon. My class's guide is Zahrina or usually called 'Ain' from x science 4.

Our first competition is badminton.

This sport played by 2 teams and every teams has 2 person who play the game. So, the badminton's competition played as double. I join the competition, representing my class. Actually, the girl who appointed to play is Dila and Mia, not me. But, because some reason, I switched with Mia. To be honest, I'm a little bit doubt to replace Mia but however I did it. We competed with x science 1; Shafira and Afina and we lost. Its kinda embarrassing but it was fun enough. I feel so sorry because I was disappointed my classmates. Sorry guys lol.

The boy also play badminton but not in the morning, they played in the afternoon, around 03.45 p.m. And sadly, their team also lost.

Next competition is basketball.

This competition was played by the boys. The girls didn't play this game at all (except one girl from x social but I don't know her name). It is my favorite competition because my class win 20-6 from x science 3. I'm so proud of you, guys! Hopefully we can win until the final match.

Next, relay race

From my class, Dika, Hilmy, Beta, and Mia joined this competition. Sadly, they didn't win this. Dika as the first runner said that he failed to do the 'start' well so maybe that's the reason why we didn't win. But, I think it's okay to be lose no matter what the reason as long as we were having fun.

Next, soccer.

Soccer played by 5 person each teams and I join the game on second round. But, the girls from my class didn't play it well (including me :') ) and we lost from x science 7. The boys also lost at this game from x science 9.

Next, tug of war.

My class sent 10 person ( 5 boys and 5 girls) including me. I really like to play tug of war when I'm in elementary school ... but, in this time, I hate it because it was so hard. My class's team failed to win this competition.

After the first round of this competition, Fadhlan got injury and he looks so hurted. He was helped by my friends and 'PMR' senior.

Next, dodgeball.

I joined this competition with Fina, Beta, Arif, and Diva. We competed with x science 1. And sadly ... we lost. The boys from my class haven't play this competition. They will play on next Saturday. Hopefully they can win!

Last, volley ball.

From our class, we sent 6 person ( 3 girls: Raissa, Yumna, and Mia, 3 boys: Vian, Galih-switched with Andika in second round- and Rubben). The game seems so hard to play... and our team lost again in this one.

Actually, it's so sad to know that my class only win at basketball competition and lost at the others. But, like I said before, I think it's okay to be lose as long as we are having fun. ^^

That's all from me. Have a great day!

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