Senin, 29 Agustus 2016

Independence Day!

Hello everyone!!! I’m back :D
This time i’m not gonna introduce myself but I will tell you about what happened two days ago!! So, are you curious? ( please say yes, say yes, cause I need to know~~~ *singing* *ignore this* )

In celebrating Republic of Indonesia's Independence Day , my school held an event called “TERIYAKI” two days ago. Well, I think we were little bit late for celebrating our Independence day. Indonesian’s Independence Day  is on 17th August, but we celebrate it on 27th August ... but its okay..  it’s better to late then never :))

The event started  after we finished our sport lesson at 10.00 a.m. in Lapangan Bali ( near from SMAN 3 Bandung).  Its participants is  all of 3’2019, so my class will compete  the other classes. 

FYI, before the event started, Some of my classmates and I play handball. It's so fun even we just played it just a moment. After playing handball, we moved.

First, we gathered in basketball court and then all of the class divided into a team. My class is in team A, with x science 2, x science 7,  and x social 1.  It means that my class ( x science 5 ) will compete them.

After listening some intruction, our team moved  to bangsal. Bangsal is enclosed building to play badminton  (and  anything like that) where still in the same area with basketball court in lapangan bali. In bangsal, we play dodgeball. Well, not everyone played dodgeball ... only 6 person from each class who play it. The game is divided into several rounds.  My class was battle with x social 1. I’m so excited for seeing my friends play dodgeball and hope we can win that game, but unfortunately .. we were lose :”))

After playing and watching dodgeball, we moved to basketball court. And I think this is my favourite moments. In the basketball court, we play ‘’Tarik Tambang’’ or known as ‘’Tug of war’’ in english. ‘’Tarik Tambang’’ almost always be held in every celebration of our Independence Day.

In that time, I participated in the competition. I always like to play ‘’tarik tambang’’ since I was in elementary school. I think this game is really fun, we will cooperate with our friends to win this game together! Its so good to increase our solidarity :))

please ignore if there some of our weird face lol

Each class sent a group of 10 students ( 5 boys and 5 girls ) and battle with the team of other class. My class was compete with x science 2. In the begining, I thought  my team will win easily .. but the reality is not like that. I found it so hard to win. The team of x science 2 is as strong as us. We draw 1-1  .. but, in the end .. my class was lose ( again L ). I think we lose because the court was full of flour so the court was so slippy ... but its okay .. we still have one game!!!

The last game held in football field. I don’t know what the game called but .. in the game, we have to fill the bucket with water from a spons. The spons will be thrown from referee to player and then the player will throw it to her/his team until the spons squeezed in the bucket. Okay I know it sounds confusing lol. Well, overall, I think the game is similar with handball, but we use spons, not a ball, and we need to fill the bucket with water from the spons.

Okay ... I have no idea how to describe it more clearly. I hope you can imagine and understand the game with this photos :)

After we finished the games. We were back to the basketball court and listening what our seniors ( the committee ) said. Then, we were praying, taking a break, and having a lunch!!

Around 02.00 p.m, we gathered again in basketball court and made a line every class. In the end, our senior announced the winner. Yeah .. even we were not win, atleast we already tried our best ^^

Before going home, there were an surprised(?) from T’s T ( Tiloe’s Theater ). T’s T is extracurricular theater in SMAN 3 Bandung. I’m so happy to watch them because they are so funny hehehe ... even they only played theater for a few minutes, I really enjoyed it!

They act so good :))

It  was sooooo fun!! And I’m so glad I can attend this event!
That’s all ... thanks for reading and hope you like it, and .. please forgive all of my mistakes .. I’m not a perfect human okay? Lol. Here's my pic with my friends if you wanna see ^^

Have a good day!! And Happy Independence Day, Indonesia!!!

P.S : Pic taken by Beta Bhekti, Nurrahmi Fadila, Yumna Kamila

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