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Hello good people!! How are you? Hope you are doin' fine :))

This time I'm gonna tell you about WTTF or World Tournament X Techno Festival. Umm .. this is not a ''world tournament'' actually, this is just a name of SMAN 3 Bandung's event lol. WTTF is one of a lot of event that held by SMAN 3 Bandung. This is the poster :

Nah, about wttf ... this is like an competition-event for junior (32019) and senior (32018) where each of generation need to finished every challenge in every posts. WTTF  was held on Saturday, 20 August. My class was just wearing sport uniform and a yellow ribbon on our left hand while the other classes wearing some unique accesories ( they have their own style but my class is so simple lol).

The special part of this event is ... we HAVE TO SPEAK ENGLISH all the time and that was a lil bit hard! Sometimes we speak bahasa accidentally and I think that will reduce our point :')) . Beside that, this event have a special theme (I think). The theme is outer spacee~~~ yeay! Every post is named by the planet : earth, jupiter, saturnus, etc.

the map
We all gather in Lapangan Bali at 06.30. Our committee was said that we need to compete our senior who have the same class. I class, X science 5 need to compete xi science 5. After that, we moved to our school and gather in corridor. There we were given a map that shows the route of the post. The map filled by a clue of the we need to guess the place.

First post, held in Bangsal. The challenge is playing fifa, football game, or whatever it called ( I don't know what exactly the game is ) on computer. In this time, sadly, my class  defeated by xi science 5, our senior. The score of this game is only different slightly. 5-4! We just need one more goal, c'mon! :(

Second post, held in Lapangan Bali, in the football field. There ... we were playing ... FLAPPY BIRD. Can you imagine that!??? hahahah. It's so funny. I really want to participated but .. I'm late. My friends already made a line and participated in that game. This game's winner is .. MY CLASS! Yeay finally ... we got our first puzzle!! (every winner in a game will be given a piece of puzzle)

Next game is still held in the same place .. we play .. we play .. I don’t know what is the game called hahahah sorry. In this game, we need to steal the ribbon that wound in our enemy's hand and every participant need to protect their own ribbon and their queen. If the queen attacked successfully by the enemy, you lose. Fyi, I participated in this game yeay!!! *ignore this* This game's winner is our senior. again. and ... its a slightly different again!!! 12-13! We just need one more point!

Fourth, the game held in the basketball field. We play a technology-quiz there. My class was represented by Fina. In this time, we were draw with our senior and we both given a piece of puzzle.

Next. The fifth post’s challenge is recycle a used cardboard into a robot. The participant is all of the class member. I think some of my classmate was exhausted because the game held in Tongkeng Park and it is far enough from the basketball court. In this game, we gathered and made an circle and then start making the robot. It was so fun ... we scream each other, fight for just a cellophane tape, etc. Our robot is .. cute enough ( I think) .. but .. we lose again in this challenge.

Sixth post is in Photography Park. It’s near enough from Tongkeng Park. This is one of my favorite post. Why? Because .. in this post, I watched my friend, Hilmy and Vian, playing a funny game. We were laughing a lot because of them. I don’t know how to describe the game, but you can see that in this pic below :

From the Photography Park, we moved back to our school. There, we were taking a break for 30 minutes. After praying and having lunch, we gathered again and moved to yard in front of new hall.  And we did the 7th challenge. It’s a quiz game. In this time .. we beat our senior and got the puzzle yeay!!!

Eight post. It’s an eating challenge! Two person from each class have to eat all of the spicy-noodles that served. I admit that my senior was so good in this challenge. They eat all of the spicy-noodles just in a few second. Can you imagine that? My senior was so strong lol. 

My classmate was so enjoying this challenge (not like our senior who take it seriously). In the end of the challenge ... my classmate share the noodles to our class member and eat it together. I beg they don’t care about the winner or something like that ... and I think ... they are hungry, so they just eat the noodles slowly bc they want to enjoy the food (maybe).

9th post is one of my favorite post too. The challenge is playing a game called tekken. It was sooo fun. From my class, there are a girl who plays the game : MIA, while the other players is a boy. And  the point is : she can defeat our senior! YUP. WE WIN. My class was winning the game perfectly! Well done guys!!! Proud of ya all!

Because of time, we didn’t go to the last post in Centrum. We were back to Lapangan Bali. There, all of us (32019) compete all of our senior (32018). Actually, this is the ‘real  game’. We fight the aliens in Lapangan Bali with water-balloons and collect the pieces of puzzle as many as we can take.  And then .. 32018 and 32019 arrange the puzzles, each generation, as soon as possible. Guess who’s the winner!

The winner is ... MY GENERATION, 32019! YEAYYY~~

this is the puzzle of 32019 :))

32019 is the winner for the best generation in this event. Even my class not the winner of the best class, I’m fine. I hope we can be closer than before and more often to laugh together like this day :)) 

Thank you all, This is one of my best day. You made it!!
See ya soon~~


 ~selfie time~


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