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the poster
Maybe some of you confuse what "Megantara" is. Well, it is one of SMAN 3 Bandung’s event. SMAN 3 Bandung’s event. Again. First, I apologyze if you are bored with my post about my school’s event again again and again. But, I’m here to share my experience and some stuff like that .. so .. yeah hope you understand heheh :))

Megantara is a cultural festival and taken from Sanskrit word. ‘’mega’’  means  big and ‘’gantari’’ means brighten/rays/light. The word itself described about nusantara (Nusantara = Indonesian archipelago)So, “megantara” means “nusantara is a majestic rays’’

Megantara was held on last Saturday, 10th September. It started with parade. The participants are the first grade and some outsider(?) like children of some playground, and cultural team. The parade was supervise by the committe. In this moment, the girls have to wear ‘’kebaya’’ and the boys have to wear ''pangsi'' . It’s a traditional clothes from West Java. 

the girls wore traditional cloth

the parade

The parade start from Bali street ->  belitung street –> sumatera street –> aceh street – > merdeka street ->  java street –> and back to bali street. Here’s the route:

After parade, I took a break with my friends. We were changing our clothes at Daffa's house, eating 'siomay' near the gate of SMAN 3 at kalimantan street, praying and taking a break in a mosque, and then we were waiting for the open gate of megantara. The open gate is 11.35 am. But we went to the lapangan bali ( where the megantara was held ) at around 2.00 pm. There are a lot of food and drink stand, culture stand, photobooth, and a haunted house area ( but I was too scared to get into the house lol). 

The stage and the committee ( the committee wore maroon shirt )

The event itself have a fashion show competition, welcoming from mayor of Bandung, cultural attraction, and music concert. Fyi, my class winning the fashion show competition yeayyyy *party* ... the 1st winner is hafizh!!! He wore papua barat traditional clothes! 

the fashion show
hafizh with mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil

Over all, I really enjoy this event. But i was a lil bit sad bc my old friends was too busy to come there. This event was more crowded late afternoon and the climax started when T'sT 's show ( theatre ) til the concert of the changcuters and ran held (they are an Indonesian’s band). I really like T's T performance. I think they act so good as always ^^
the crowd

T's T - RAN - The Changcuters

The event over at 10 pm and yep. I’m so tired ... but ... I’m so happy at the same time lol. This event is like refreshing time from the study and lesson so I was just enjoy this event as enjoy as I can ^^ Thank you Megantara! What incredible night!

MEGANTARA!? Kemilau budaya sinari nusantara!!!

You can visit instagram of megantara and see more pic @megantara2016 :))

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